LC2-1325R/M: TruCUT PRO Performance Range 1300x2500mm Flatbed, Front Section Motorised Table for Sheet Metal/Non-Metal Material Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine Barebone Unit (Obsolete)

AM.CO.ZA® TruCUT™ PRO Performance Range 1300×2500mm Flatbed with Front Section Motorised Table for Sheet Metal/Non-Metal Material Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Barebone Unit

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TruCUT PRO Performance Range 1300x2500mm Flatbed, Front Section Motorised Table for Sheet Metal/Non-Metal Material Laser Cutting u0026amp; Engraving Machine Barebone Unit

Include Laser Tube Cooling System Warning Light Indicator and Laser Power Cutoff
Professional model driven by Servo Motors and Rack and Pinion Gear for High Precision and Performance
Cut Thin Sheet Metal (Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Only, Other Other Metal or Coated Plate) with Oxygen as Cutting Gas, Capacitive Height Sensing System Included
Minimal Can Engrave Readable 1mm Height English Letter
Program Controlled Compressed Air, Blow When Needed
Front Section with Motorized Table Can Lower Up to 300mm Depth
Use Household 220V Electricity, Compatible with UPS and Generator
With Rotating Unit Attachment Supporting Interface/Plug and Switch
Achieve ± 0.001 mm Resolution
Support both Metal and Non-Metal Cutting, and Non-Metal Engraving, Replaceable Nozzle Tip Included
Up to 36 meter/min (600 mm/s) Cutting Speed
36 meter/min (600 mm/s) Rapid Positioning Linear Speed
Up to 27 meter/min (450 mm/s) Engraving Speed
With Standard Aluminium Slats as Working Surface, Honeycomb Table optional
Support Direct USB Connection from PC or Use Flush Drive
High Speed Servo Motors Driving System
Double Power Supplies and Double Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters
With RJ45 Network Port for Cutting Job Transfer through Network
Cutting Table Weight Static Load Up To 50 kg/m2
Include TruCUT™ PRO Software for Metal Cutting Piecing, Lead In/Out, with Multi-Layer Process, Simulation, Time Estimation and Many Other Functions
Working Area (Cutting/Engraving Area) Size 1300×2500mm
Latest TruCUT™ PRO System with Torch Height Distance Follow System For Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
With 550W Motor, for ~800m3/h flow rate
High Precision Rack and Pinion Gear Transmission System
Easy to Use Control Panel with Direct Internal Saved File Select Button
Less Than 0.05 mm Repeat Positioning Accuracy
Double Focus Lens Position (63.5mm Default, 101.6mm Optional) Laser Lens Holder


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