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F-UVDTF/306/XP600: 300mm UV-DTF Printer Complete Set, Consumables, include EPSON XP600 Printheads & SAi FLexiPRINT RIP Software, CMYK/White Inks, Varnish, UV Ink Cleaner & 300mm Printing Film Roll

300mm UV-DTF Printer Complete Set with Consumables, include EPSON® XP600 Printheads and SAi FLexiPRINT RIP Software, CMYK/White Inks, Varnish, UV Ink Cleaner and 300mm Printing Film Roll

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Original price was: R127,666.10.Current price is: R120,024.35. Incl. VAT

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Introducing our complete set of 300mm UV-DTF printer with all the necessary consumables to produce high-quality prints! This set includes EPSON® XP600 printheads and SAi FLexiPRINT RIP software and offers CMYK/White Inks, Varnish, UV Ink Cleaner, and a 300mm Printing Film Roll. Our printer is perfect for printing on various surfaces, including flexible, rigid, and even delicate materials. The added varnish offers a unique layer of protection and enhances print quality, while the UV Ink Cleaner keeps your printer working efficiently. With this complete set, you’ll have everything you need to produce stunning prints that will exceed your expectations! Get yours today and take your printing to the next level!


300mm UV-DTF Printer Complete Set, Consumables, include EPSON XP600 Printheads & SAi FLexiPRINT RIP Software, CMYK/White Inks, Varnish, UV Ink Cleaner & 300mm Printing Film Roll

Shake Well Before Pour Into Ink Tank, Agitate Ink Tank Once a Day and Before Print
Operation Condition: Temperature 19°C to 28°C with Relative Humidity 30% to 80% Non-Condensing
Support Printing Resolution 720×720 DPI (4 pass), 720×1080 DPI (6 pass) and 720×1440 DPI (8 pass)
Automatic Printhead Cleaning Functions Included, Anti Ink-Blocking, Auto Flash and Moisturising
Automatic Lifting Printhead Ink Capping System, Easy Alignment and Better Printhead Seal Protection
Use Household 220V Electricity, Stand-by Power Consumption 50W (without Heating Laminator) and Maximum Power Consumption 500W + 800W (Heating Laminator)
With PrintEXP Controller, Printhead Temperature Monitor and Easy to Use Alignment Tools for Hardware Fine Control
With Two EPSON® XP600 Printheads and SAi FlexiPRINT White-Channel RIP Software, CMYK/W Inks, Varnish, Cleaner and UVDTF Printing Films
Utilise 3 of Water-less UV Lamps for UV ink Curing, UV Lamp Power Controlled by a Dial
Keep in a Cool and Dry Place Away from Direct Sunlight, Do NOT Directly Place on the Floor
EPSON XP600 Disposable Printhead Suitable for Solvent Inks, ECO-Solvent Inks, Waterbased Inks, DTF Inks, UV Inks etc.
Negative Pressure Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), also Call Bulk Ink System
With Build-in Laminator for Film Application, Heating Element 800W (Not Continues Working), Maximum Temperature 100°C
Connect to Computer by 100M Network Cable for Fast and Stable Printing Process
400mm Rolled Media Feeding Width, 300mm Printing Area
Sealed Data Cables Has been Proven Prevent Over Flushed ink Spillage
Fully Robotic Silicon Sealed of 2x 29PIN Cables Preassembled, Speed Up Installtion
Storage and Transit Temperatures 5°C to 35°C
Bi-Directional Printing Enabled, Printing Speed on 4 Pass Draft Mode is ~8m2/h
Printing Speed on 6 Pass Production Mode is ~5m2/h
Printing Speed on 8 Pass Quality Mode is ~4m2/h

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  • R 500 for consumables cost in one "Basic FlexiPRINT Software and PrintEXP™ Printer System Usage Training Course and Printing Practice" course

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