AM.CO.ZA’s Premium Hybrid UV Inks – Suitable for specialist Large-Format Printing!

In the dynamic world of large-format printing, achieving vibrant, long-lasting results is paramount. Whether you’re producing banners, signage, vehicle wraps, or exhibition graphics, the quality of your ink can make all the difference. AM.CO.ZA, a leading provider of printing solutions, offers a game-changing solution with their Premium Hybrid UV Inks, tailored for specialist large-format printing applications.

The Power of Hybrid UV Inks

Hybrid UV inks combine the best of both worlds: the versatility of solvent-based inks and the durability of UV-curable inks. This innovative fusion results in inks that can adhere to a wide range of substrates while providing exceptional resistance to fading, scratching, and weathering. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications where exposure to harsh elements is inevitable.

Specialized for Large-Format Printing

AM.CO.ZA’s Premium Hybrid UV Inks are specifically formulated to meet the demands of large-format printing. Whether you’re printing on vinyl, canvas, fabric, or rigid materials like PVC and acrylic, these inks deliver stunning results with precision and consistency. They offer excellent adhesion, ensuring that your prints adhere seamlessly to the substrate without smudging or peeling.

Vibrant Colours and High-Quality Output

One of the standout features of AM.CO.ZA’s Premium Hybrid UV Inks is their vibrant colour reproduction. With a wide colour gamut and superior lightfastness, these inks produce prints that pop with vividness and clarity. Whether you’re printing bold graphics or intricate designs, you can trust that every detail will be captured with precision, making your prints truly stand out.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

In addition to their exceptional performance, AM.CO.ZA’s Premium Hybrid UV Inks are also environmentally friendly. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer to use in indoor environments. Furthermore, their UV-curable nature means they require minimal drying time, leading to increased productivity and reduced energy consumption.

Versatility and Reliability

Whether you’re a small print shop or a large-scale printing facility, reliability is key. AM.CO.ZA’s Premium Hybrid UV Inks are designed for maximum uptime, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent output, job after job. With excellent batch-to-batch consistency and long-term reliability, you can trust these inks to deliver exceptional results, every time.


In the competitive world of large-format printing, having the right tools can make all the difference. AM.CO.ZA’s Premium Hybrid UV Inks offer a winning combination of versatility, quality, and reliability, making them the ideal choice for specialist large-format printing applications. Whether you’re looking to produce eye-catching banners, striking signage, or durable vehicle wraps, these inks provide the performance and peace of mind you need to elevate your printing business to new heights.

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